We’re not going to lie –we love to toot our own horn. But we also know, sometimes others say it best. Here’s a collection of articles from happy SprayQuick users on what they’ve loved most about their handheld bidets.

Recent Articles About Sprayquick: 

  • From assisting new Moms with postpartum hygiene to cleaning up messes left behind on cloth diapers, lifestyle & mommy blogger Kathleen describes the benefits her sprayer provides her in the article Sprayquick Handheld Bidets and Diaper Sprayers
  • A refreshing post-bathroom cleanup, eliminating the need for baby wipes while allowing you to control the pressure of the water. Jen, a colonic therapist out of NYC describes why she thinks a Sprayuick should be the norm in everyone’s home in her blog The Sprayquick Handheld Bidet.