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Take a look at our variety of handheld bidets, diaper sprayers, and shattafs. Remember: Orders are always shipped same day, and we have a no-leakage guarantee!

Chrome Hand-held Bidet
Brushed Nickel Hand-held Bidet
ChromeHandheldBidet_1 ChromeHandheldBidet_4 ChromeHandheldBidet_3 ChromeHandheldBidet_2 ChromeMount Connector_2 valve BrassFitting_ClearHose ChromeHandheldBidetKit2


BrushedHandheldBidet_4 BrushedHandheldBidet_1 BrushedHandheldBidet_2 BrushedHandheldBidet_3 BrushedHandheldBidet_5 ChromeMount Connector_2 BrassFitting_ClearHose valve BrushedHandheldBidetKit2


White Hand-held Bidet
Black Hand-held Bidet
WhiteHandheldBidet_2 WhiteHandheldBidet_1 WhiteHandheldBidet_4 MountingBracket ConnectorWhite BrassFitting valveWhite WhiteHandheldBidetKit2


BlackHandheldBidet_2 BlackHandheldBidet_1 BlackHandheldBidet_4 BlackHandheldBidet_3 MountingBracket ConnectorWhite BrassFitting valveWhite BlackHandheldBidetKit2


Toilet Bowl Seal Kit

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Do I need to buy any other parts to install the Spray Quick Hand Held Bidet Spray?
The Spray Quick Hand Held Bidet Spray comes with everything you need to install on a typical toilet that has a 3/8″ compression fitting outlet. About 95% of the homes in the U.S. come standard with a 3/8″ compression fitting for the water supply outlet, the other 5% come with a 1/2″ outlet. You can buy the reducer at most plumbing stores or your local Home Depot.