“A bidet sprayer is a good thing for personal hygiene, I advise to place it in every bathroom. It’s easy to assemble, as there is a very helpful demonstrative video! Don’t forget to purchase Teflon tape!” ~Samina, Sprayquick customer

PersonalHygene A bird poops on your head. Do you simply clean it off with a dry piece of paper? Chances are, you’re dunking your head under the nearest shower or sink!You wash your hands with water. You wash your face with water. You wash your body with water.

Why should we clean our most private and sensitive areas with anything else –but water? Perhaps it’s time we re-think how we go to the bathroom . . .
Especially when a handheld bidet can be so simple and refreshing, with perfect spray pattern and pressure.

Benefits Of A Bidet for Personal Hygiene

    • Fact: Wiping with toilet paper will always leave behind some amount of feces. These dirty bits can lead to bacterial infections and rashes. Our handheld bidets & shataffs eliminate these dangers.


    • Rid your body of unwanted smells. The fecal matter left behind by traditional toilet paper also leaves behind with it bottom odors. A handheld bidet will leave you feeling confident and smelling fresh, every time! It’s as simple as that.


    • Suffer from hemorrhoids and/or constipation? Our bidets & shataffs provide soothing relief! And with our adjustable spray pattern, you’re certain to always find your perfect comfort level.


    • 80% of all diseases are passed on by human contact –and only half of us wash our hands after using the facilities. Our bidets equal a safer alternative for you and your family.


    • All-natural cleanliness. There are no harmful preservatives in water, as can be found in wet wipes. No need to worry about potential allergic reactions and rashes!


And let’s not forget about our mommies-to-be!
As soon as a woman is pregnant, her systems and bodily functions start changing. Because of this the need for the SprayQuick’s intimate cleansing and therapeutic benefits to keep her fresh, clean, and odor-free grow exponentially. Giving birth is a painful process, especially when there’s an Episiotomy involved. The SprayQuick is a simple solution that easily connects to commode, faucets or showers so new Mothers can soothe her various perineal afflictions during the post partum recovery period.


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