“Works great!! Doesn’t leak!!! Installing it was super easy!!”~Sprayquick customer review



Shipped to your door fully assembled, we’re all about comfort and ease here at SprayQuick, and with the proper tools, your new handheld bidet should be installed in 10 minutes or less!Tools required: 
Adjustable Wrench 
Standard Screw Driver 
Drill (optional)

Standard setup before installation

Remove existing hose with pliers

Connect large metal nut under tank

Connect built in T-Valve / Shut-Off / Pressure Control Valve

That’s It! You’re Done!! This is what the end result looks like.

Test out your diaper sprayer!

Step 1: Turn off water to toilet by turning Stop Valve clockwise.

Step 2: Hold toilet flush lever in the down position until tank reservoir is empty.

Step 3: Remove supply hose from supply tank and drain water into bucket. Remove the end fitting from the Stop Valve and discard supply hose.

Step 4: Connect toilet tank end of bidet using hand tight pressure. Connect the opposite end of the Bidet Assembly to the Stop Valve hand tight. Tighten both ends approximately 1/4 turn with adjustable wrench. Make certain that the hose is not crimped after installation.

Step 5: Install Wall Bracket by drilling holes into wall using the Wall Bracket as a template. Insert wall anchors and screws. Two-way tape may be substituted. Place sprayer into Wall Bracket.

Step 6: Turn on Stop Valve and check joints for leaks. In case of leak, tighten joint with adjustable wrench until leak stops.

Step 7: Aim sprayer into toilet. Actuate sprayer and set to desired flow by adjusting the Flow Valve.

Step 8: Finally, your bidet is now ready for use. 

All hand held bidets are covered by a limited warranty for a year.

 As with any plumbing fitting, Teflon tape is recommended.

Watch the instructional video below to be taken on a guided tour of the installation process:

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