As we age, it’s common for our bodies to slow down.


Decreased mobility and conditions such as arthritis, strokes, and ALS can affect our ability to perform our usual personal hygiene tasks after using the restroom. This becomes not only a physical burden, but also an emotional one for both the senior and the caregiver. A SprayQuick handheld bidet can eliminate this uncomfortable stressor.

Benefits of A Bidet for Elder Care

  • Our handheld bidets do not require excessive installation or renovation. They quickly attach to an existing toilet without taking up additional room in the restroom.
  • Adjustable spray pattern makes it easy for you or your loved one to thoroughly clean the private area so that further manual cleansing is not necessary.
  • Because the handheld bidet can reach areas you or your loved one can no longer clean efficiently, there is much less likelihood for bacterial infection.
  • Provides soothing relief for preexisting rashes or other infections. Can quicken the recovery time for such ailments.
  • Most importantly: Helps maintain confidence, independence, and dignity!


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