“What I needed and arrived ASAP. This was a lifesaver for me. Thank you. Also thanks for the special note on invoice, to me it means you care.” ~Brett, Sprayquick Customer

IBD Where there’s a will, there’s a bidet! Because painful wiping is SO 2013.
Frequent trips to the restroom along with the painful irritation those trips cause can make daily life uncomfortable for those suffering from Crohn’s, IBD, and Ulcerative Colitis. But is there an alternative to abrasive toilet paper?With SprayQuick, the answer is a resounding “YES.”

With a handheld bidet you can finally reap the therapeutic benefits of water. A cool, gentle stream of water relieves the pain associated with going to the restroom and provides a more efficient cleanup for those “messier” battles.

Benefits of A Bidet for Crohn’s, IBD and Ulcerative Colitis

    • Water will never irritate your skin, and will clean you better than toilet paper ever will.


    • Provides soothing relief for preexisting rashes or sores, while speeding up the healing time of such ailments.


    • Helps cut down on the recurrence of anal fistulae.


  • Saves money! The average American spends over $200 a year on toilet paper. For those individuals who must use the restroom more frequently, that price is likely much higher. Install a handheld bidet once, use it for a lifetime. You do the math!


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