Made in America with Quality Parts!

Simple and refreshing . . .with perfect spray pattern and pressure.

Connector Thank you for wanting to learn more about the SprayQuick family! We are a privately owned and operated American corporation located in Gardena, CA. We have over 10 years experience in designing and manufacturing specialty-plumbing products, specializing in state of the art Handheld Bidets, Diaper Sprayers and plumbing products made in the USA with domestic and global components. Manufacturing high quality products assembled, tested and packaged in the USA allows us to offer our customers safe and reliable handheld bidets and shattafs. 

We continue to be recognized as the best sprayer in the wholesale and retail market.

“Items arrived on time and I still have one that I bought 2 years ago!” ~A. Frank, Sprayquick Customer Review

Distributors favor our products because of our quality, durability and its ease of installation. SprayQuick’s selections of finishes are unsurpassed in the residential market. We recognize that your home is your castle, and the products you choose to adorn your home with should exude luxury while maintaining an affordable price tag. 

We look forward to many more years of future success as we continue to focus on offering superior quality products and competitive pricing. BrassFittingLarge2

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